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AI Development


Transform your operations with our specialized AI integration services. We specialize in leveraging existing AI technologies to create bespoke solutions that cater to your unique business needs. From streamlining processes to enhancing customer engagement, our expertise lies in adapting and integrating proven AI platforms to deliver exceptional results. As a top artificial intelligence app development company, you can rely on our knowledge and skills to transform your business with advanced and innovative AI solutions. Explore our comprehensive offerings and discover why we're among the “leading AI software development companies” in the industry.


Mastering AI Implementation

Our skill lies not in reinventing the wheel, but in skillfully integrating and customizing established AI technologies to fit your specific requirements.

We excel in areas such as adapting natural language processing systems, enhancing computer vision capabilities, and refining machine learning algorithms from leading AI providers.

Our role as integrators is to understand your business challenges and apply existing AI solutions in innovative ways, ensuring seamless implementation and maximum impact.

Integration Experts in Machine Learning
Custom Implementations of NLP Technologies
Advanced Adaptation of Computer Vision Systems
Strategic AI Technology Partnerships
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Efficiency and Reliability

"Initially, we partnered with Brumaire to develop a GitHub scoring system using various algorithms. Following this success, we launched a more ambitious project: an AI-powered chat-to-repo interface. Brumaire's expertise in AI significantly helped us move forward efficiently. Their team's technical skill and problem-solving ability are remarkable. We're highly satisfied with the results and look forward to future collaborations!"

Paco Villetard
COO of
Case Study

Software Development: Dive Into the OnlyDust Case study

Explore the innovative AI-powered developer onboarding tool created by OnlyDust and Brumaire, streamlining adaptation to open-source projects with advanced technology.

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Custom AI Solutions for Conquest

At Brumaire, we pride ourselves on our ability to harness and enhance existing AI technologies to create custom solutions.

AI Analytics

We integrate sophisticated AI analytics tools from leading providers to deliver insightful, data-driven decision-making capabilities tailored to your business.

Bespoke Chatbot Development

Utilizing established AI platforms, we develop custom chatbots that align perfectly with your customer service goals and brand voice.

Predictive Modeling Using Proven AI

We adapt and apply existing predictive AI models to help you anticipate market trends and customer behaviors, giving you a competitive edge.

Tailored Image Recognition Solutions

Leveraging pre-existing AI technologies, we develop image recognition solutions customized to meet your specific business needs and challenges.

Customized AI Application Integration

Our team specializes in integrating and customizing AI applications from renowned AI providers to enhance your business processes and operations.

AI Optimization for E-commerce

We employ established AI tools to revolutionize your e-commerce platform, from personalized shopping experiences to inventory management.

Streamlined AI-Powered Automation

We integrate AI-driven automation solutions from top AI companies to improve your operational efficiency and reduce manual workload.

Adapted Voice Recognition Systems

By customizing existing voice recognition technologies, we provide solutions that enhance user interaction and accessibility for your products and services.

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Our tactical approach

Our development process combines agile methodology and continuous iteration, from initial project planning to post-launch support, ensuring swift adaptation to your needs and sustained platform performance.

Intro Call icon

Intro Call

A kickoff meeting to outline your project, explore delivery methods, and start initial planning, emphasizing frequent software delivery.

Discovery icon


Identifying project features and outcomes, open to evolving requirements for competitive edge.

Development Sprints icon

Development Sprints

Conducting 2-week sprints for swift feedback and adaptability, including regular demos to align with goals.

Collaboration & Iteration icon

Collaboration & Iteration

Employing Agile and Scrum for continuous team collaboration and project evolution.

Support & Maintenance icon

Support & Maintenance

Providing ongoing support and updates post-launch to ensure optimal platform performance and growth alignment


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