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Specializing in custom software development, web3, and AI solutions, our portfolio spans a diverse range of companies. We take pride in collaborating with entities of all sizes, from large corporations to cutting-edge startups, major blockchain initiatives, and innovative open-source projects. Proudly, we introduce our allies, friends, and customers…

Case Studies

Collaborative Triumphs

Brumaire's client stories reflect our dedication to excellence in technology and collaboration. Discover how we transform challenges into triumphs, fostering long-term partnerships along the way.

Software development


Explore the Nomiks X Brumaire collaboration, delivering a groundbreaking blockchain analytics tool, combining tech innovation and user-centric design to master complex data challenges

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Blockchain Solution

Boom & Bloom

Unveil the creation of the Boom&Bloom ecosystem, featuring an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace and an immersive Web3 gaming platform, showcasing innovation and exclusivity in the blockchain domain.

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AI Development

Only Dust

Explore the innovative AI-powered developer onboarding tool created by OnlyDust and Brumaire, streamlining adaptation to open-source projects with advanced technology.

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Our Projects

Our Vision, Our Companies

At Brumaire, we are more than just builders. We are creators and innovators, dedicated to serving our customers and ourselves with excellence. Our approach to product development goes beyond mere coding; it's about crafting solutions that resonate and make a difference.


Aptos Shores, backed by The Aptos Foundation, offers an exciting and interactive platform for developers to master the Aptos Move Language through game development. We're thrilled to announce that the first beta version has now been launched.


Metasender, born from our customers' demand for efficient distribution of tokens and NFTs, simplifies the process of sending thousands of tokens/NFTs in a single transaction. It's a robust tool supporting major blockchains, already serving over 100 users monthly and continuously expanding.


Planete-Ecole (Earth-School), is a passion project initiated by Brumaire founders for their teacher parents five years ago.

After several enhancements, it's now a widely used platform by hundreds of teachers and thousands of students monthly. This application aids students, teachers, and parents with dictations, embodying our commitment to educational support.

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