OnlyDust Case study

Building an AI-Powered Developer Onboarding Tool.


Efficiency and Reliability

"Initially, we partnered with Brumaire to develop a GitHub scoring system using various algorithms. Following this success, we launched a more ambitious project: an AI-powered chat-to-repo interface. Brumaire's expertise in AI significantly helped us move forward efficiently. Their team's technical skill and problem-solving ability are remarkable. We're highly satisfied with the results and look forward to future collaborations."

Paco Villetard
COO of
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About OnlyDust

OnlyDust is a platform that facilitates contributions to open-source blockchain projects. It serves as a bridge connecting developers with various blockchain ecosystems, offering opportunities for skill enhancement and practical experience.


They partner with :


AI-Powered Developer Onboarding Tool

Introducing an AI-centric 'Chat-to-Repo' tool, co-developed with OnlyDust, leveraging advanced Machine Learning, NLP, and ChainLit technologies. In its Beta phase, this tool revolutionizes how developers onboard and adapt to open-source projects, providing intelligent, real-time assistance for a streamlined experience.

Open Source
Project Scope
AI, software development
Python, Langchain


Following the creation of tools to assess a developer's experience using OnlyDust and GitHub data, OnlyDust proposed a new initiative.


They sought a solution to enable their developers and contributors to
quickly adapt to new open-source projects.


The primary obstacle for developers is the complexity of acclimating to new projects: repositories can be intricate, resources limited, and knowledge often dispersed among various developers over time.


As a result, contributors experience a slow onboarding process, frequently requiring assistance from peers to understand the code, structure, and specific issues of the project.


The Solution


In partnership with the OnlyDust team, we developed an AI-driven 'Chat-to-Repo' interface. This tool, once integrated with our database, allows users to interact in real-time with a repository, posing both general and specific queries. The solution evolved through several months of rigorous development, combining advanced AI technologies.


The core of this solution is an AI 'super agent', which leverages LangChain lib, sophisticated API integrations, Large Language Models (LLMs), and a vectorized database for enhanced understanding and response accuracy.


This AI system is designed to intuitively guide users through the complexities of any repository, making the onboarding process more efficient and less reliant on human intervention.


The user interface, powered by ChainLit, is streamlined and intuitive, making it accessible for users at various skill levels.


The application is currently in its BETA phase and available for trial upon request from OnlyDust.

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