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Efficiency and Reliability

"Initially, we partnered with Brumaire to develop a GitHub scoring system using various algorithms. Following this success, we launched a more ambitious project: an AI-powered chat-to-repo interface. Brumaire's expertise in AI significantly helped us move forward efficiently. Their team's technical skill and problem-solving ability are remarkable. We're highly satisfied with the results and look forward to future collaborations."

Paco Villetard
COO of
Deep WEB3 Expertise

"As a Web3 company, we have regular needs on blockchain that we used to fulfill in-house. We started working with Brumaire on ethereum blockchain smart-contract. Working together turned out to be easy, natural, and efficient. Brumaire's expertise on the Web3, whether technical or cultural, is world class level"

COO of
Flexible Pricing Strategy

Working with Brumaire was a pivotal decision for our startup. Brumaire' expertise in WEB3 is impressive, demonstrating a deep understanding of the latest digital trends. Their proactive contributions have significantly enhanced our project. Additionally, their flexible pricing strategy is particularly commendable, offering accessible, high-quality solutions that cater perfectly to startup budgets. We're thoroughly satisfied with the partnership and look forward to future projects together.

Nathan Benchimol
CEO  of