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Building The Nomiks Analytics Solution.


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"Working with Brumaire was a pivotal decision for our startup. Brumaire' expertise in WEB3 is impressive, demonstrating a deep understanding of the latest digital trends. Their proactive contributions have significantly enhanced our project. Additionally, their flexible pricing strategy is particularly commendable, offering accessible, high-quality solutions that cater perfectly to startup budgets. We're thoroughly satisfied with the partnership and look forward to future projects together."

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About Nomiks

Nomiks is a Web 3.0 SaaS company specializing in Token Economics auditing and risk management. They ensure the strength and sustainability of digital economies using battle-tested simulations, offering economic safety and comprehensive risk management analysis for clients in the digital asset space.


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Building The Nomiks Analytics Solution

Nomiks Analytics is a cutting-edge blockchain data consultation tool designed to enable users to monitor user typologies, assess market sizes, and gather insights on adoption, elasticity, and retention time in the blockchain domain. The app integrates multiple web3 data sources and on-chain data, offering a comprehensive view through various focused screens such as Token, NFT, and Wallet.

Project Scope
Software development
Laravel, Vue, Next and more


The primary challenge in developing Nomiks Analytics was managing and accessing vast volumes of blockchain data.


Blockchain data can be notoriously difficult to access and interpret, often overwhelming due to its volume and complexity.


Our team faced the task of aggregating over 100 diverse data points, such as tokens, NFT collections, protocols, and wallets, and presenting them in a user-friendly, real-time interface.


Ensuring the backend could handle such a load while preparing to develop a robust frontend compounded the challenge.


The Solution


To overcome these challenges, our focus was early on the architecture – building a system capable of managing and processing vast amounts of data from various sources without faltering.


We integrated more than 10 external data sources and on-chain scripts to power our backend. Constant optimization of the synchronization process and setting up a secure API for data delivery were critical steps.


Additionally, we developed a user-centric front end on Nomiks' request, encompassing essential SaaS features like authentication, user restrictions, and payment flows.


The result is a powerful, intuitive application set for release in early 2024, with early access available on

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